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Your Dance With Cancer

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Fearless Authenticity with Jeanne Sparrow

Fearless Authenticity with jeanne sparrow

Ok Cancer, You and I are Partners with Best-selling Author, Cancer Coach and Motivational Speaker Lindsay McDonell

A simple question from her 8-year-old son prompted Lindsay McDonell to rapid fire answer “Interior Designer!” when asked what she wanted to do with her life. 20 some years into her very successful interior design career, Lindsay received a cancer diagnosis that most would consider a death sentence. Wanting to de-stigmatize what it means to live with cancer, she made it her mission to help cancer patients advocate for themselves and bring peace to their day-to-day, all while living with very aggressive metastatic breast cancer that spread through her whole body. 8 years later, she’s learned to live with her cancer as a partner, not as an enemy. She shares with Jeanne how to wade through the fear in life, the importance of ALWAYS having a plan B, how to start your journey to finding yourself, the joy she finds in deep authentic conversation and how she learned to choreograph her dance with cancer.

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