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Your Dance With Cancer

Cancer Resources

Helping you find the tools you need when you need them.

Cancer works in each person differently. However, the one thing it shares with each person is that it changes everything. From treatment resources to emotional insights, Your Dance with Cancer is here to help you steer the car on the roadtrip of your cancer journey.


Be a part of Lindsay’s Facebook group, read her blogs, and become part of system of people getting curious about their cancer.


Get access to events in the cancer world. Attend them live in-person, online, or afterwards in our archives.

evidence-based practice

Connect with leaders in evidence-based practice. Get help navigating resources or do some digging by yourself.

The Book

Follow Lindsay’s story and her learnings in paperback, kindle, or audible format.


CancerChoices is the best resource for cancer-related evidence based practice. Period. They have information about what works, reviews of individual treatments, and information on lots of retreats virtually or across the country.

There is huge wealth of resources in this website, so it can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are volunteer “Patient Navigators,” including Lindsay, who can help you through the website.

My favorite part of the website to visit is “Reviews of Complementary Cancer Therapies.” This is where I get ideas of complementary therapies to present to my oncologist or other members of my treatment team.

CancerChoices is all about taking the steering wheel regarding your cancer care, which is what I preach — patient advocacy! This is the one-stop-shop for cancer care.

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